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Concert reviews from August 23, 2011 concert in Satu Mare, Romania
Concert reviews from August 23, 2011 concert in Satu Mare, Romania
Concert reviews from August 23, 2011 concert in Satu Mare, Romania
Concert reviews from August 23, 2011 concert in Satu Mare, Romania
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"Elizabeth Schwartz: Finding her Voice Through Klezmer" by Allen Singer

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San Diego
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James Renner, Hot Pstromi and Road Trip!, Posted Wednesday, July 18, 2012
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Interview at Troubadour Tape podcast, produced by Jeff Berkley, Berkley Sound
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Morning Brew - Interview in Hong Kong (Select 11-12 segment, starting 9 minutes mark)
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I got so much wonderful feedback regarding the band and the concert. It was a terrific evening and I cannot thank you enough! The band was superb and I cannot say enough about your amazing Elizabeth. What a talent. She was so much fun to watch onstage. I hope to work with you again!”

— Temple Beth El, Riverside California —

Thank you for organizing a wonderful afternoon of terrific music! Everyone left with smiles on their faces and it might have been hard for you to tell from the stage, but there was a lot of head nodding, swaying and dancing in the seats. We’d love to have you guys back”

— Carlsbad Library Concert Series —

The concert was electrifying – I was busy watching the audience and nobody stirred. It was a great idea to have them singing and swaying at the end. A great performance from everyone!”

— Joseph Astman Concert Series, Hofstra University —

“At once festive and intimate, for the Purim concert Yale Strom, Elizabeth Schwartz and Alexis Kune offered us an anthology of songs and music traditionally sung on the occasion of Purim, embraced in the hearts of the audience.”

Picking favourite tracks from the dozen here is almost impossible, but I’ll call special attention to “Szol A Kakos Mar,” a Hasidic song from Hungary sung in Hungarian and Hebrew, with a vocal performance from Schwartz and perfect accompaniment from the band, that reminds me of Edith Piaf at her best. Another that must be singled out is “Vemen Veln Mir Dinen, Brider,” a Yiddish protest song that laments being forced to serve in the czar’s army.

This is a very special Klezmer album.”

-Sing Out! Magazine

“Vocalist Elizabeth Schwartz displays a wonderful appreciation for the nuances inherent in the interpretations of this music. Her mastery of the ornamentations is superb on selections like the movingly ethereal Hungarian Jewish folk song “Szol a Kakas Mar (The Rooster Crows Already)” and an extended version of the Czarist protest song “Vemen Veln Mir Dinen, Brider (Whom Shall We Serve Brothers?). She also gives an inspired performance of “Ver es Keseyder Tseyln (Who Can Count in Order?) that wonderfully portrays both the cantorial and badkhen (wedding jester rhymer) underpinnings to this music”.

All About Jazz, De. 2007

“I’m tempted to say “Never mind the quality, feel the width” –
but this marathon CD is not just about quantity. Of the seventeen tracks here,
most are great pieces of Jewish music: the poignancy of The Bride’s Lament or
Vizhnitser Nign, the exotic exuberance of Freylachs and Horas, and the earthy
emotions and laconic wit of songs such as Lekhayim or The Mother-in Law.”

Alex Monaghan, Folkworld #45

“I was captivated by the powerful voice of Elizabeth Schwartz.”

New Age Retailer

“…seriously soulful vocals by Elizabeth Schwartz.”

Spin the Globe World Music News

The album is thus more of a documentary perhaps, but the music itself is truly wonderful – klezmer and Yiddish folksongs played on violin, tsimbl (the dulcimer-like cimbalom), accordion, bass, and with many tracks benefitting from the vocals of Elizabeth Schwartz. Wild, uplifting or deeply melancholy, this music is of great interest to all klezmer enthusiasts…

R2 Magazine